Paul McCartney Singles Out The Struggling Musician He Relates To

On his website, The Beatles’ Paul McCartney recently revealed that he relates to the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. McCartney has been doing question-and-answers on his website for ten years and he has been answering fan questions. This time, The Beatles star answered what he does on the road to entertain himself.

The fan question read:

“What do you do on a plane when you are traveling on tour? Are there certain hobbies you do, like reading, watching TV, or knitting…?”

After writing ‘knitting would be cool’ and that he reads to fall asleep, he was asked whether the books he read were autobiographies. McCartney replied:

“Yeah, and I sometimes will make a note if they’re talking about something I don’t know about. I read a Phillip Glass book, and some of his pieces I didn’t know about, so I looked them up on Spotify.”

Then he mentioned the composer’s name along with another and explained how he relates to the two:

“Some others I’ve recently read are about Bernstein and Mozart. One of the things I find interesting is relating to them as musicians because without meaning to, I’ve ended up as one of them! So if the biography is talking about Mozart struggling to write a piece, I can relate to that.”

Similarly, The Beatles bassist shared his thoughts on classical music in an earlier interview. He revealed not having listened to much classical music and explained that it was good not having done so because that way, he could be more original with The Beatles’ music.

Some called the bassist the modern times’ Mozart while resembling the two musicians’ biographies and artistic processes, and some also shared their thoughts on Lennon and McCartney’s influence on music and compared them to Mozart and Beethoven.

See the latest Q&A from McCartney’s website here.

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