Lars Ulrich Shares His Current Favorite Drummer

Lars Ulrich recently revealed which drummer was his current favorite while appearing on ‘The Metallica Report’ podcast.

The drummer first revealed the band he’d been binging on lately, saying:

“I’m going through a Blue Öyster Cult phase right now. What happens to me is I get into different stuff of different artists at different times, and right now, my go-to early Blue Öyster Cult record has been ‘Secret Treaties’ for years, and I just, in the last week or two, have been digging into ‘Tyranny And Mutation,’ which has got ‘Hot Rails To Hell,’ ‘7 Screaming Diz-Busters,’ ‘The Red & The Black.”

Ulrich then shared who his current favorite drummer was:

“So I’ll have to say, Albert Bouchard, who’s the drummer and one of the primary songwriters in Blue Öyster Cult, [is my current favorite], and he actually sings lead on a bunch of the first singing drummers.”

He continued by recommending Blue Öyster Cult’s early albums to anyone interested:

“So my tip to you would be to go check out some of the early BÖC records. Get into a little ‘Tyranny And Mutation.’ But the fallback early BÖC album is always ‘Secret Treaties’ with ‘ME 262,’ ‘Dominance And Submission,’ ‘Career Of Evil,’ ‘Harvester Of Eyes,’ ‘Subhuman.’”

Ulrich had made headlines when he recently admitted how Metallica made a ‘cynical‘ decision by letting Stranger Things use ‘Master of Puppets,’ as the drummer revealed the band’s real views on the hit Netflix show.

Blue Öyster Cult’s Albert Bouchard, on the other hand, also made headlines when he called Gene Simmons ‘a jerk’ and explained the reason why touring with KISS made him feel that way about Simmons.

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