Why Do Fans Think They Know Who Slipknot’s New Drummer Is?

Why do fans think they know who Slipknot’s new drummer is?

The group parted ways with Jay Weinberg, who’d been playing with them since 2014, this past November. With their first performance of 2024 coming up at the end of April, along with the news that Weinberg has officially joined Suicidal Tendencies, it’s only a matter of time before we find out who took his place in the ‘Knot.

Slipknot have always kept their members’ identities anonymous for as long as possible, but they shared a teaser on their Instagram yesterday (March 10) from their rehearsal. The photo shows a single broken drumstick, and fans in the comments have pointed out that it’s the same brand of drumstick used by former Sepultura drummer Eloy Casagrande — ProMark.

“Most obvious new member recruitment in Slipknot history,” one of the comments on the posts reads, with many others mentioning Casagrande’s name.

Of course, the drumsticks aren’t actually a confirmation that Casagrande is Slipknot’s new drummer, but let’s take a closer look at the fans’ theories.

When Did Eloy Casagrande Leave Sepultura?
Sepultura officially announced Casagrande’s departure in late February, though according to their statement, he informed the band of his decision to leave on Feb. 6. He’d been with them since 2011.

“However, on February 6, a few days prior to the first rehearsal, drummer Eloy Casagrande informed the band that he was leaving Sepultura to pursue a career in another project. The band [was] taken by surprise without prior warning. He immediately left the band, abandoning everything related to Sepultura,” they wrote.

Could Slipknot be the other project?

Who Replaced Eloy Casagrande in Sepultura?
Greyson Nekrutman was named Casagrande’s successor in Sepultura in the statement mentioned above. Nekrutman played drums for Suicidal Tendencies in 2023, following the departure of Brandon Pertzborn.

So — Weinberg joined Suicidal Tendencies after Slipknot, Nekrutman joined Sepultura after Suicidal Tendencies… and we have no confirmation yet as to which band Casagrande has joined after Sepultura.

Eloy Casagrande Has Covered Slipknot in the Past
Casagrande proved he’s more than capable of playing drums for Slipknot three years ago when he shared multiple videos of him covering their songs, including “The Heretic Anthem” and “People = Shit,” on his personal YouTube channel.

Again, this isn’t confirmation that he’s in the band — just speculation. Check out the videos below.

Eloy Casagrande Covers Slipknot’s ‘The Heretic Anthem’

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