Watch a new version of Freddie Mercury’s banned video for ‘Living On My Own’

Freddie Mercury’s estate has released a brand new version of the infamously banned video for his 1985 single ‘Living On My Own’. It’s as wonderfully scandalous as you would hope. It’s Mercury at his flamboyant best.

The release comes ahead of the upcoming Never Boring boxset which has had fans pawing at their pre-order buttons and is due for release on October 11th. This new video will only add an extra layer of intrigue as the formerly banned video is given a 4k facelift.

The boxset will focus on the star’s solo career and give the needed amount of space to fully explore such an incredible talent as Mercury. The video, however, is more about the exploration of Freddie Mercury’s legendary party lifestyle.

The video centres on Mercury’s famous 39th birthday party which not only included the star himself, owning the room as he does, but also saw cameos for a host of invitees. Over 300 guests arrived to celebrate with Mercury including Steve Strange, Boy George, and his love Mary Austin.

The video was almost instantly banned by censoring groups due to its “perceived promiscuity”, something which we imagine amused Mercury no-end. Watch the salacious video below:

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