The sad story of Elvis Presley identical twin

The king of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley was born back in January 8, 1935. His mother Gladys Presley gave birth to two twin sons: Jesse Garon and Elvis Aaron (Elvis Presley) in a two-room shotgun house that his father built for the occasion in Tupelo Mississippi. Unfortunately, Jesse Garon was born dead. The biographer Peter Guralnick confirmed that Elvis’s identical twin brother was born 35 minutes before him. He was later buried in a shoebox in an unmarked grave in Princeville Cemetery.

Elvis Presley suffered because of the death of his identical twin
After this traumatic birth, Gladys was unable to conceive and have children. The King suffered throughout his life due to this tragedy. Researchs has shown that twins have a bond within the womb that is irreplaceable when a twin dies.

The remains of Jesse Garon were never transferred to Memphis. To this day, he is still buried in an unmarked grave in Tupelo. There is a headstone in his honor in Graceland. But is not placed beside his father, mother, brother and grandmother.

This fact made fans think what if Jesse had survived? Elvis would have been the same? He would live being compared with his brother Elvis? Or they could even had made music together?

Clinical psychologist Peter Whitmer talked about Elvis’ relationship with his brother in his book The Inner Elvis, saying:
“Elvis’s twin’s death at birth was a tragedy that triggered a process that made his dead sibling the bedrock. The singular driving force in his life (…) restless spirit who eventually haunted all of Presley’s relationships.”

Whitmer said that the musician would visit the grave sometimes to talk to him. Other biographers have stated that he felt lonely and guilty for the death of his brother.

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