The Rolling Stones Release New Lyric Video For “Mixed Emotions”

The Rolling Stones, legendary rock icons, have released a captivating new lyric video for their hit song “Mixed Emotions.” The track, originally featured on their 1989 album “Steel Wheels,” was a chart-topping success worldwide. Additionally, “Mixed Emotions” is part of the upcoming reissue of the band’s acclaimed 2002 collection, “Forty Licks.”

The Lyric Video For “Mixed Emotions”
The Rolling Stones have treated fans to a brand-new lyric video for their classic hit, “Mixed Emotions.” Originally released as the lead single from their highly successful 1989 album “Steel Wheels,” the song continues to resonate with audiences around the globe. The lyric video offers a visual accompaniment that enhances the emotional depth and lyrical impact of the track, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the timeless sound of the Rolling Stones.

The Reissue Of “Forty Licks”
“Forty Licks,” a monumental collection of the Rolling Stones’ most enduring and anthemic songs, is set to be reissued, providing fans with a fresh opportunity to revisit these timeless classics. Initially released in 2002 to celebrate the band’s 40th anniversary, the compilation album features 36 beloved tracks from the Rolling Stones’ illustrious career, alongside four new songs that added a contemporary touch to their iconic sound. The album marked the beginning of the band’s monumental “Licks” tour, which went on to become one of the highest-grossing tours in history at the time.

Digital And Vinyl Release
On July 26, “Forty Licks” will be released digitally for the first time, allowing fans to enjoy the Rolling Stones’ iconic hits through modern streaming platforms. Additionally, two days later, the album will be available in a deluxe limited edition four-disc, 180-gram black vinyl version. Housed in a wide spined gatefold sleeve, this lavish release provides a tangible and immersive experience for vinyl enthusiasts. To further enhance the listening experience, fans will also have the opportunity to stream new Dolby Atmos versions of all 40 tracks from “Forty Licks.”

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