The Rolling Stones album that Keith Richards said is underrated

The Rolling Stones were formed in 1962 in London, England and during the last six decades they released 30 studio albums. They have sold an estimated amount of more than 200 million records worldwide. Those albums were crucial for the evolution of Rock and Roll music, inspiring countless artists all over the world throughout the years. Even though, their entire discography is praised by almost all fans and critics, there is one album that the band’s co-founder, lyricist and guitarist Keith Richards said is underrated.

The Rolling Stones album that Keith Richards said is underrated
During a conversation with GQ in 2020, Keith Richards was asked to pick his favorite Rolling Stones album, but the musician said that is also a hard thing for him to pick favorites. He mentioned many records from the group and said that the “Bridges To Babylon” released in 1997, is a very underrated one. That record has famous tracks like “Anybody Seen My Baby”, “Out Of Control”, “How Can I Stop” and “Saint Of Me”.

During a press conference to promote the album at the time, Keith was asked how they kept writing songs. He said: “It never stops. You don’t write them they come to you. It’s the thing you gotta do. You receive, you transmit. You don’t create, you know.”

In an interview with Much Music in 1997 (Transcribed by Rock and Roll Garage), he said that the album made the band push some boundaries once again. He also said that he never tried to come up with huge hits, but good albums.

“This one is the first one since maybe the early 80s, late 70s where it’s taken another step. (That) is actually pushing some boundaries again for better or worst. I knew from the songs that we had a good album.”

Keith Richards continued:

“I never had a problem (with the band) they are expert musicians, you know what I mean. I am (always) looking to make good records, I don’t want major hits. If one happens, great. But I’m just trying to put (a good album out). (Also) make the best out of my friends. Even if they don’t like it at the time.”

“The best music comes when it seems to flow out of your fingers , when you’re not really thinking too much. You’re just doing it and after you think about it. When you’re doing it, it’s flowing. That’s what counts,” Keith Richards said.

For Keith, having 8 different producers wasn’t a problem

The band worked with 8 different producers for the album. But as Richards said in the interview that didn’t matter much.

“Eventually what comes out it’s the same guy that is playing. The cohesiveness comes from the fact that this band is The Rolling Stones. They all in a way, no matter how varied of diverse the material or angle is coming from, the Stones have (a footprint). That provides the ‘glue’.”

Besides Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ron Wood and Charlie Watts, that record also had other 20 musicians who played in some tracks. A few of them are Darryl Jones (Bass), who still is the band’s touring bassist. Also Blondie Chaplin, famous for his work with The Beach Boys.

The American keyboardist Billy Preston, known for his work with The Beatles and George Harrison was also part of the recording. Just like the legendary Jazz musician Wayne Shorter and the famous session drummer Jim Keltner.

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