The Events In The Final Year Of George Harrison’s Life

Best known as “The Quiet Beatle,” George Harrison’s contributions to the iconic rock band are often understated. Despite facing health challenges, Harrison remained active in the music scene in the final year of his extraordinary life. Let’s take a closer look at the notable events that marked the last chapter of his musical journey.

1. Harrison’s In-Depth Interview With Billboard
The year 2000 concluded on a positive note for Harrison. In a candid interview with Billboard, he discussed the upcoming reissue of his 1970 triple album, “All Things Must Pass.” Expressing optimism about his future in music, Harrison hinted at remastering his catalog and spoke of a potential new solo release. He said, “It’s not going to be the end — it’s going to be one of lots of records… Then I’ll go on holiday again.”

2. The All Things Must Pass Reissue: A Stripped-Down Version Of A Classic
In January 2001, Harrison released a remixed version of “All Things Must Pass.” Motivated to liberate the songs from the original’s elaborate production, he added, “Still, it was an important album for me and a timely vehicle for all the songs I’d been writing during the last period with The Beatles.”

3. Session Work For ’60s And ’70s Rock Stars
Amid remixing old recordings, Harrison contributed session work to albums by Bill Wyman and the Rhythm Kings, as well as Electric Light Orchestra’s “Zoom.” His collaborations showcased his enduring impact on the music industry.

4. Harrison’s Lung Cancer Diagnosis
In a setback during the spring of 2001, Harrison underwent successful surgery for lung cancer. His lawyer’s statement humorously referenced his albums, assuring fans he was “Living in the Material World” and had “no plans right now.”

5. Radiation Treatment For A Brain Tumor
In July 2001, news broke about Harrison undergoing radiation for a brain tumor. Assuring fans of his well-being, he stated, “I am feeling fine, and I am really sorry for the unnecessary worry which has been caused by the reports appearing in today’s press.”

6. Debunking Death Rumors
Dismissing rumors of his imminent death, Harrison and his wife issued a statement condemning the reports as “unsubstantiated, untrue, insensitive, and uncalled for.”

7. Working On His Final Album Despite Illness
“Brainwashed,” released posthumously in 2002, marked Harrison’s last album. Collaborating with Jeff Lynne and his son, Dhani, the album reflected the artist’s life and experiences, taking nearly 15 years to complete. He said, “His life was in those final songs, the things he got up to each day, like riding down the River Thames.”

8. Harrison’s Last Single: Collaboration With Jools Holland
“Horse to the Water,” Harrison’s final single, was a collaboration with Jools Holland. Released with a unique credit, “RIP Ltd., 2001,” it hinted at the artist’s awareness of his nearing end.

9. More Radiation Treatment In New York
In November 2001, Harrison received additional radiation treatment in New York. Despite the procedure’s reported success rate, medical experts expressed concerns about the spreading lung cancer.

10. McCartney And Starr’s Final Meeting With Harrison

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On November 12, 2001, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr visited Harrison in Manhattan. Described as a spirited meeting with laughter and reminiscing, it marked a bittersweet Beatles reunion. His doctor, Gil Lederman, said, “There were some tears, but there was more laughter than anything else.”

11. Harrison’s Legacy As A Guitarist And Songwriter
On November 29, 2001, George Harrison passed away at 58. Survived by his family, he left behind a legacy as one of the finest guitarists and an underrated songwriter of his era. Beyond music, his humanitarian efforts, notably the 1971 Bangladesh concert, continue to resonate.

In the words of Billy Corgan, “George was a good and humble man who believed in the power of love to overcome all adversity.”

George Harrison’s impact on the world of music and beyond endures, reminding us that his spirit lives on through his timeless contributions.

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