Corey Taylor is best known for Slipknot, Stone Sour and his solo music career, but the metal singer has another major passion outside of music: horror.

A lifelong fan of all things scary and spooky, Taylor bought the rights to the Famous Monsters horror brand last year and currently has plans to create toys, films and festivals under the banner. Additionally, he’s acted in horror films, and has his very own horror click, Zombie vs. Ninja, in pre-production.

Suffice to say, the guy knows his fright flicks. For the cover story of Revolver’s new Fall 2023 issue, we collected fans’ questions and posed them to Taylor, and die-hard Freddie Gallagher asked him to select the last horror movie that kept him up at night. It wasn’t a difficult decision.

Hereditary (2018)
Oh, Hereditary. My wife [Alicia] and I saw it about a year after it came out. She and I had just started dating and she goes, “Let’s watch a scary movie.”

We had the house to ourselves, and we put on Hereditary — which neither of us had seen before — and it was like, “Oh, fuck off with this movie!” [Laughs]

It was so, so disturbing to me, man. There’s so many moments that were so uncomfortable, it one hundred percent left an impression. Just thinking about it now, I’m like, “Gahhh!”

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