Ozzy Osbourne’s “fail-safe” hangover cure

Ozzy Osbourne‘s status as both the Prince of Darkness and an Iron Man when it comes to alcoholism is no secret. In his prime, numerous tales have emerged recounting his unbridled indulgence in a world of unfettered hedonism. The trinity of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll has become an integral part of his illustrious journey and never was he one to shy away from glorified discussions on the matter.

Beyond his reputation as a legendary party animal, Ozzy stands as a genetic anomaly and a fascinating subject of scientific discovery. In 2010, scientists conducted a comprehensive DNA mapping of his entire genetic makeup, unearthing remarkable findings that pushed the boundaries of their understanding.

One of the most captivating revelations within his DNA was the presence of a previously unseen mutation near his ADH4 gene. ADH4 encodes the production of alcohol and alcohol breakdown. The mutation likely influences the production levels of this protein and if Ozzy’s body possesses an inherent ability to detoxify alcohol at an accelerated rate compared to the average individual, it may shed light on why his liver has endured despite a lifetime of rock ‘n’ roll excess.

Ozzy’s genetic makeup not only captivated scientists but also offered a glimpse into the intricate interplay between genetics, alcohol metabolism, and resilience. Ozzy, famously quipping that “the only Gene I know anything about is the one in KISS,” found the findings fascinating: while the results fuelled speculations about his legendary stamina, they also cast a spotlight on the ongoing enigma surrounding his well-documented addictive personality.

However, although Ozzy may have veered away from the tumultuous alcohol-fuelled escapades of the 1970s and 1980s, he often reflects upon numerous instances when he sought swift relief or concocted his own version of a “hangover cure”, even if their effectiveness may raise some eyebrows. One, in particular, stands out as perhaps one of the most questionable as it factors in a significant amount of re-intoxication to delay the inevitable.

Summarising his approach to hangovers in his advice column in The Times, ‘Dr Ozzy’ said: “Over the years, I developed a fail-safe cure. Basically, I’d mix four tablespoons of brandy with four tablespoons of port, throw in some milk, a few egg yolks, and — if I was in a festive mood — some nutmeg. The second I woke, I’d mix it up and down it. The way it works is very clever: it gets you instantly blasted again, so you don’t feel a thing. The only drawback is that, unless you keep drinking, the hangover that eventually catches up with you is about a thousand times worse than it would have otherwise been.”

The rationale behind Ozzy’s seemingly inexplicable defiance of scientific reason becomes clearer when considering his enduring relationship with substances. Years of intimate familiarity and persistent exposure may have forged within him tolerances that defy conventional understanding, transcending the boundaries of what is deemed comprehensible.

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