Ozzy Osbourne reveals plans for new TV show

Between 2002 and 2005, Ozzy Osbourne, the ‘Prince of Darkness’ and ghoulish frontman of Black Sabbath, enjoyed a new lease on life as a reality star. Allowing camera crews into his home in America, Osbourne starred as the comically unhinged patriarch of The Osbournes. Nearly 20 years on, he has now announced a return to television.

The new internet television series, titled The Madhouse Chronicles, will be co-hosted by Osbourne’s long-time friend and fellow music star Billy Morrison. Production is already underway, and the first episode is slated to arrive in late April.

In 2018, Osbourne, who has endured health complications for over two decades, started his The Osbournes Podcast, in which he discusses his life experiences and his popular reality show of the early 2000s. During the latest episode, he and Morrison announced that they would soon take their discussion to the screen for a more immersive experience.

In an address on the podcast, Morrison invited listeners to join himself and the Prince of Darkness as they “sit back in the Osbourne madhouse, reacting to the wildest Internet clips and diving into topics like aliens, drugs, conspiracies, and rock and roll.”

Those interested can register for exclusive previews and unique merchandise via the freshly launched Osbourne Media House website. Additionally, a 4K restoration of the classic The Osbournes reality series is set to debut shortly on the site, so you can get even more up close and personal than ever before.

While Morrison appears occasionally on The Osbournes Podcast, the pair co-host the ‘Ozzy Speaks’ programme on SiriusXM. The due are set to continue these shows alongside The Madhouse Chronicles.

Due to his ongoing health complications, Osbourne is finding mobility increasingly difficult. While he is still able to sing, he revealed in 2023 that his touring days are behind him. However, this is a man who lives and breathes rock ‘n’ roll, and he asserts that we haven’t seen the last of him on stage. Osbourne hopes to take on isolated stage shows when possible.

Earlier this year, during a live show in London, his wife, Sharon, revealed: “He won’t tour again, but we are planning on doing two more shows to say goodbye as he feels like, ‘I have never said goodbye to my fans, and I want to say goodbye’.”

Sharon continued: “His voice is still absolutely perfect. And all the time he has been off he still does his singing lessons. Even if you don’t like his music, you can’t not like Ozzy.”

In the meantime, he will keep himself busy on television. Stream the latest episode of The Osbournes Podcast below.

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