Ozzy Osbourne Regrets Canceling Festival Performance

After recently undergoing surgery, Ozzy Osbourne was forced to cancel a co-headlining performance at the Power Trip festival, set to take place from October 6 to 8. While speaking to Rolling Stone, Ozzy’s wife, Sharon Osbourne, and their daughter Kelly revealed the disappointment the 74-year-old rocker feels over not being able to perform.

“We can’t talk about it in the house because it is just so heartbreaking to see that all he wants is just one more show,” Kelly told the publication before her mother chimed in. “And Ozzy wants to be on that show with all his friends. It’s heartbreaking for him to see everybody going on, and he’s just left behind,” Sharon added.

“He could do it right now if he sat in a chair, because the voice is there; there’s nothing wrong with the voice,” Kelly said, jumping back in. Her mother added that Ozzy would not perform in a chair at home, prompting Kelly to further dissect the matter. “He said that if he can’t give his fans what they paid to see, he won’t do it,” Kelly stated. “There is nobody that loves their friends as much as Dad does.”

Ozzy Osbourne also recently discussed making The Osbournes on the most recent episode of SiriusXM’s Ozzy Speaks. During the episode, the “Crazy Train” singer spoke to his co-host Billy Morrison and discussed the fact the show was mainly unscripted. He also stated that “Sharon was very courageous because that’s when she was diagnosed with cancer.”

“Well, people were saying to me, ‘Have you sold out?’ and all this,” Ozzy said. “‘I’m in the entertainment game.’ Somebody came and I thought, ‘Give it a shot,’ and he came from Cribs… that was the most one they wanted to see over, and I went and I said, ‘Why don’t we do an extended Cribs?’”

Ozzy soon dove deep into the fact that everything seen on MTV’s The Osbournes was organic. “Well look, one of the reasons The Osbournes was as big as it was is because it was the first time anyone had just gone film it as it is warts and all,” Ozzy revealed. “I think that’s the only way to really do it because now, the shows, I’m not gonna mention any names, they’re not warts and all. It’s all crafted carefully.”

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