Oasis: The band George Michael named as “the most amazing” live

Although he might be inextricable from the world of pop, George Michael was a tremendous follower of music far removed from this immediate area of expertise. From classic rock to grunge, Michael had a more refined taste than most.

Like most people, one band that Michael was a big fan of was The Beatles, and particularly John Lennon’s musical prowess. While the singer admitted that he was too young to enjoy the group at their peak, the Fab Four left an indelible mark on him later in life. Michael valued their work so intensely that he outbid the likes of Robbie Williams to purchase Lennon’s iconic ‘Imagine’ piano during an auction and, later, even wrote the classic hit ‘Heal the Pain’ in tribute to Paul McCartney.

Elsewhere, Michael made it clear that he greatly admired two other leading contemporary groups: Joy Division and Nirvana. Cutting a completely different image to that of a perenially uncool popstar, the Wham leader described Closer by the post-punk legends as “just beautiful”, which went a significant way in demonstrating how he consistently kept his finger on the pulse. Following this, years later, when appearing on the BBC’s Desert Island Discs, Michael would show his understanding of great music once more when he outlined how Kurt Cobain and Nirvana changed the industry with ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’.

Another group that Michael valued was the Britpop poster boys Oasis. Like many people in Britain, the ‘Club Tropicana’ singer was drawn to Liam and Noel Gallagher’s era-defining anthems. When speaking to Jo Whiley in 2002 on BBC Radio, Michael was so effusive about Oasis that he even called them “the most amazing band” he’d ever seen live.

He said: “Oasis is the most amazing band that I’ve ever seen live, with the possible exception of U2. The critics made one member of Oasis feel that they were the whole of Oasis, and he promptly wrecked the best band we had in 20 years – when really it was chemistry.”

Continuing, Michael added: “They should never have got rid of the drummer in the first place. The best album is the first album. Even the second album was not as good as the first album. And he gradually got rid of the band. Currently, I like ‘Hindu Times’, but I think it’s depressing. I think years ago it wouldn’t have been a B-side and I think it’s really depressing to look at something as inspirational as Oasis in 1991 and hear something ten years later that could have been made at the same time.”

Listen to ‘The Hindu Times’ below.

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