Neil Young Wrote A Song He Didn’t Understand

Songwriting is an unpredictable art, often driven by moments of inexplicable inspiration. Neil Young, known for his profound musicality and introspective lyrics, has a unique approach to songcraft. Rather than actively seeking creative sparks, Young patiently waits for songs to come to him. One such instance occurred when he penned ‘The World (Is In Trouble Now)’ for his album “World Record” with Crazy Horse.

The Unfolding Of ‘The World (Is In Trouble Now)’
Released during the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, ‘The World (Is In Trouble Now)’ captures Neil Young’s concerns about the state of our shared planet. With lyrics reflecting on the beauty of nature and the haunting realization of a troubled world, the song’s poignant themes resonate deeply.

Young’s decision to remove his music from Spotify, citing the platform’s alleged dissemination of vaccine disinformation, exemplifies his commitment to truth and responsibility. The turbulent global events, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the looming climate crisis, further contribute to the troubled atmosphere that likely influenced Young’s creative process.

The Mysterious Origin Of ‘The World (Is In Trouble Now)’
Despite the weighty subject matter and timely relevance of the song, Neil Young admits to having no recollection of a specific event triggering its creation. When asked about his state of mind while penning the lyrics during an appearance on The Zach Sang Show, Young revealed the intriguing circumstances behind the song’s inception.

The lyrics flowed effortlessly, without conscious thought, as if channeled from a deeper well of awareness. Young explains:

“They came so fast, I didn’t even think. I knew the world was in trouble, and that was part of what I recorded on the flip phone when I was walking along, whistling the melody.”

He further recalls:

“I heard a lot of things as I was walking along, and I didn’t know what the song was about, but I heard this bass part which I recorded on the phone. That was the most constructed of all the songs because I made all the parts which I put together on the flip phone.”

Unlocking The Subconscious Observations
While Young cannot attribute the song’s genesis to a specific event, it appears that his subconscious mind had absorbed the signs of Earth’s decline over time. The lyrics and melodies emerged from a reservoir of observations and emotions stored within him, waiting for the right moment to surface in the form of ‘The World (Is In Trouble Now)’.

The song’s cryptic origins invite reflection on the interconnectedness of our surroundings, prompting questions about the whistling passerby, the significance of dead trees, and the profound impact of humanity’s actions on the planet

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