Mike Shinoda Shares The Linkin Park Record Made With ‘Blood, Sweat, And Tears’

Mike Shinoda recently made a question and answer via Threads. In one of the questions from the fans, he revealed The Linkin Park album the band made with ‘blood, sweat, and tears’.

The question asked:

“What LP album you had the most fun creating?”

He revealed the one album whose progress resulted in some of his favorites:

“I had fun making most of the Linkin Park albums. Some were more challenging than others. ‘A Thousand Suns’ was a winding and unexpected process, but the results were some of my favorites. Lots of happy accidents + blood sweat and tears on that one.”

The keyboardist’s response got plenty of praising replies. Shinoda also shared a few tips on songwriting, mentioned his favorite songs, and said that he might share the new music updates in the app.

He also revealed to be working on new music in response to a fan’s question.

Shinoda released his solo single ‘In My Head’ on March 10, which was featured in the movie Scream VI. The single is also the first solo material since sharing ‘Happy Endings’ in 2021.

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