Metallica’s James Hetfield Shares Goal To Continue To Improve Himself In 2024

Metallica‘s James Hetfield says he has made a decision to continue to try and improve himself in 2024.

The Metallica frontman revealed his New Year’s resolution in the latest episode of The Metallica Report podcast.

“I guess the New Year is kind of a cleansing, and I’ve got a new goal or something,” he said. “I’m really just continuing to try and improve myself, get better, have a better attitude about life, about other people’s lives, and just try to bring as much joy to people as possible.”

Hetfield said he usually doesn’t put “a lot of stock into New Year’s stuff,” but reflecting on the past year, he is “super grateful” for what he has got, and gone through.

“[I] always really look forward to what the next year will bring. The older I get, the harder and easier it gets,” he said. “So, I’m always looking forward to getting back out on the road, playing some shows, seeing some faces, familiar faces and new faces at the shows.”

Hetfield was joined by Robert Trujillo on the 22nd episode of The Metallica Report, a podcast offering weekly insider updates on the heavy metal band.

The Metallica bassist says he plans to get more organized in his domestic life in the New Year.

Both the artists also shared some highlights of the M72 world tour, the ongoing concert tour by Metallica in support of their eleventh studio album, 72 Seasons.

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