Kirk Hammett reveals which is his favorite Metallica album

The Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett revealed in an interview with Rock Candy (Transcribed by Blabbermouth) which is his favorite album of the band. The musician joined the group in 1983, same year they released their debut album, replacing the guitarist Dave Mustaine, who would form in the same year his own band, Megadeth.

Since then Metallica recorded 11 studio albums and sold an estimated amount of more than 125 million records worldwide. That makes them one of the best-selling bands of all time, especially in the Heavy Metal genre.

Kirk Hammett reveals which is his favorite Metallica album
“We weren’t trying to make an album that 35 or so years on people would put on and think still sounded great. We didn’t set out to do anything, really. We were just trying to make the best album we possibly could and that’s what came out.”

“From a technical viewpoint, when I listen to the album I’m really surprised at how good it sounds so long after the fact. The recording of the album, the recording of the songs, the production… it all holds up still.”

Hammett continued:
“Cliff’s contribution to ‘Master Of Puppets’ was very melodic and very musical. His contribution wasn’t so much the big heavy riffs. It was all melody bass, and it was a lot of really, really cool stuff. When Cliff went, it was the end of an era, and we all knew it. We knew it.”

“A lot of the music from that time now sounds samey and similar,” he says. “But there’s really nothing on ‘Master Of Puppets’ that dates it to any particular period — sound-wise, production-wise, recording-wise. ‘Master Of Puppets’ is my favorite of all the albums we’ve ever done,” Kirk Hammett said.

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