Keith Richards Shares Why He Once Called Mick Jagger “Cruel”

The history of legendary rock bands is often interwoven with tales of camaraderie, artistic brilliance, and, at times, simmering conflicts. Such is the case with the iconic Rolling Stones, where the dynamic between Keith Richards and Mick Jagger has been both a source of musical magic and heated tensions. Their creative partnership has spanned decades, marked by memorable hits, electrifying performances, and an enduring legacy. However, behind the curtain of fame and glory, the duo’s relationship encountered its share of storms.

The 80s Feud And Fissures
The 1980s saw the Rolling Stones embroiled in a notable feud, where the spotlight turned towards the simmering conflicts between Keith Richards and Mick Jagger. Tensions, fueled by personal differences and creative clashes, ignited a rift that resonated within their music and interviews. Richards, never one to mince words, voiced his frustrations through song lyrics, notably the track ‘All About You.’ The press further highlighted the feud with colorful monikers like ‘Bitchy Brenda’ and ‘Her Majesty’ attributed to Jagger by Richards. As their public exchanges hinted at underlying turmoil, fans and critics alike pondered the state of the legendary partnership.

Moving Beyond Conflict: A ‘Family Squabble’
In a captivating twist of fate, the same force that strained their bond eventually played a role in its mending. Following the stormy 80s, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger found themselves turning the pages towards reconciliation. In a New York Times interview, Richards likened their complex connection to a “family squabble.” The recognition of the deep-rooted history they shared seemed to pave the way for a truce. Their shared dedication to the Rolling Stones’ enduring musical journey triumphed over their differences, igniting a new chapter in their legendary saga.

Unfiltered Insights: The ‘Cruel’ Remark
Keith Richards, known for his candid and unfiltered nature, shed light on his sentiments towards Mick Jagger’s personal life in a revealing interview with GQ Magazine. Reflecting on Jagger’s romantic escapades that consistently grabbed tabloid headlines, Richards articulated a mix of understanding and exasperation.


“I find it quite easy to distance myself from Mick’s private life, but then it’s ludicrous because it’s not private at all. I sometimes see what the old bugger wants in life; he’s intent on being Casanova or Don Juan. He’s always looking for it, which is a little cruel on his loved ones. But he’s always been like that. I don’t talk to Mick about his love life because it’s like, ‘Whoops! You’ve skidded on another banana skin!”

Richards’ “cruel” remark unveils a dimension of their relationship, where candid observations intertwine with mutual respect and the shared pursuit of musical greatness.

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