Keith Richards says The Rolling Stones will create more new music until they “drop”

The Rolling Stones guitarist, Keith Richards, has asserted the band will continue to make new music until they “drop”.

Richards, who forms part of the British group’s in-house songwriting partnership alongside frontman Mick Jagger, has said the band have “plenty more” material left over from their recent chart-topping album, Hackney Diamonds, which arrived on October 20th.

Asked about the possibility of another album following Hackney Diamonds, Richards told SiriusXM: “There’s plenty more stuff left over from Hackney Diamonds to work on.”

“There’ll always be another one until we drop,” Richards continued. “We can put our feet up for a little bit, but you know.”

He added: “You’re into this thing all the way. This is what we do. We’ve gotta see this Rolling Stones through.”

Richards, who has been a member of The Rolling Stones since they formed in 1962, maintained that he has no plans to stop performing any time soon as he “loves it”. The guitarist said: “It keeps me on my toes and keeps my fingers moving. And I’m still finding different ways of playing things”.

He added: “Even though you’re getting to be around 80, believe me, it don’t stop.”

In other Rolling Stones news, following the success of Hackney Diamonds, the group made chart history when they became the first band to score new number one albums in six different decades.

Hackney Diamonds marks the 14th album by The Rolling Stones to top the charts in the UK. This is only two less than The Beatles, who currently hold the record for the most number ones. However, unlike their Liverpudlian counterparts, Jagger and Richards’ group have now enjoyed new number one studio-length LPs in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2010s, and the 2020s.

In a three-star review of Hackney Diamonds, Far Out wrote: “It’s impossible not to get a kick out of these elder statesmen of rock and roll putting their best collective foot forward to see what remains of their creativity. You can call Hackney Diamonds whatever you want, but you have to call it a success.”

Watch the video for ‘Angry’ below.

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