Identity of Slipknot’s new mysterious member potentially revealed by band

The identity of Slipknot‘s new mysterious member has seemingly been revealed by the band’s Michael ‘Tortilla Man’ Pfaff.

Pfaff joined the band in 2019 and received the ‘Tortilla Man’ name due to how his mask resembled the Mexican food item. Taking to social media, the percussionist shared a selfie on Instagram which was taken backstage at a Slipknot concert and seemingly announced the identity of their new keyboardist.

In the image, which has now been deleted, Pfaff is standing near a clothing rack which lists the legal names of each member of the band. However, one name that features on the rack is ‘Zac’ despite Slipknot not having anybody named that in the group which suggests it’s the identity of their new recruit.

One name that has been linked to the role is Zac Baird, a keyboardist who has played with many acts in the heavy metal scene such as Korn and Ghost.

The new Slipknot member, who is yet to be named, replaced keyboardist Craig Jones who left shortly before the start of their European tour last month. Announcing his departure on social media, the band wrote: “To our fans, Slipknot is announcing that we have parted ways with Craig Jones. We wish Jones all the best for the future”.

Hours after the announcement, Slipknot shared a new image on social media which included their mysterious new member and deleted the original post regarding the departure of Jones. The new member then appeared on stage with the band at Nova Rock in Austria on June 7th.

While they’ve been on tour, Slipknot have kept the identity of their new member under wraps and are yet to issue a statement regarding Pfaff’s post. However, his decision to remove the post suggests he has accidentally given the game away.

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