Elvis Presley Enterprises Bans The King’s Music from ‘Priscilla’

It has been revealed that the upcoming biopic from A24, Priscilla, will not feature any music from Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley Enterprises has banned all songs by the music legend from appearing in the new film.

Priscilla is directed by Sofia Coppola and follows Priscilla Presley as she meets Elvis, a burgeoning musician who eventually becomes the King of Rock and Roll. The film will be released theatrically on October 27.

Coppola recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about how the estate feels about the film. “They don’t like projects that they haven’t originated, and they’re protective of their brand,” Coppola said. Priscilla will feature covers of Elvis songs by Thomas Mars of Phoenix.

While Elvis Presley Enterprises may not be too pleased with Coppola’s film, Priscilla Presley herself seems to be excited about the upcoming biopic. “She has such an extraordinary perspective and I have always been such an admirer of her work,” Priscilla said, according to Far Out Magazine. “I’m certain this movie will take everyone on an emotional journey.”

During the same Hollywood Reporter interview, Coppola discusses what attracted her to the story of Priscilla Presley. “I know from my family what it’s like to be inside a show business family. I know that growing up, people are looking at you in a different way,” Coppola said. “And also living in a house with my dad, this big personality, a great artist, and a lot of our life revolving around that. And seeing my mom’s life, how she was trying to find her way within his, I could relate to that.”

Priscilla also discussed her relationship with Elvis with Hollywood Reporter, and how it’s depicted in the film. “It was a different time. I lived in his world,” Priscilla said. “I wanted to please him. I wanted to fit in. I wanted to have fun with him. I wanted to see what it was that he liked.”

“I was just so interested in Priscilla’s story and her perspective on what it all felt like to grow up as a teenager in Graceland,” Coppola told Vogue.” She was going through all the stages of young womanhood in such an amplified world – kinda similar to Marie Antoinette.”

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