Did Katy Perry and Taylor Swift Finally Squash Their Bad Blood?

On Friday night, Taylor Swift performed a rendition of her hit song “Bad Blood” to a sold-out crowd in Sydney, Australia at the Accor Stadium. And fans were surprised to see another starlet in the audience singing along: Katy Perry.

The two singers haven’t exactly had the best relationship in the past. The “Firework” sing was rumored to be involved in an ongoing feud with the “Bad Blood” singer for several years. It appears that beef has long since been squashed, as Perry posted a perfectly pleasant selfie with Swift to Instagram backstage after the show.

“2014 me would’ve never believed this would happen,” said one fan in the comments of the post.

The post also featured video footage of Perry singing along to “Bad Blood”. Fans believe the song was written about the singer during their feud. The post also featured selfies of Perry with other famous attendees enjoying the Eras Tour, including Rita Ora and Swift’s new beau Travis Kelce.

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift: Why Did They Fight?

It’s believed that the “fight” began a decade ago in 2014. Swift told Rolling Stone Magazine that her hit “Bad Blood” was about a fellow singer who “tried to sabotage an entire arena tour”. The result? Enemy status, according to Swift.

However, the beef didn’t last particularly long. Perry sent Taylor an olive branch (literally) around 2018 in an attempt to end the feud and put the past behind them. Perry subsequently appeared in Swift’s music video for “You Need to Calm Down” in 2019. It appears that the two have become good friends since then.

We love to see women growing and maturing together!

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