Corey Taylor reveals the last horror movie that terrified him

While Slipknot may be terrifying fans left and right with their outlandish masks and stage outfits, Corey Taylor has revealed the last horror movie that has terrified him.

Taylor revealed that Ari Aster’s Hereditary was the last movie that kept him awake at night. Starring Toni Collette and Alex Wolfe, the story follows a tragedy that afflicts a family and the supernatural demonic forces that play on the most emotionally unstable members.

When talking about the film, Taylor told Revolver, “It was so, so disturbing to me, man. There’s so many moments that were so uncomfortable, it one hundred per cent left an impression. Just thinking about it now, I’m like, ‘Gahhh!’”.

While Taylor also expressed love for Aster’s Midsommar, Hereditary remains the more frightening movie for him, telling For the Love of Horror, “There’s just something so rad about Hereditary. To me, I didn’t know shit about it going into it, and by the end, I was just like, ‘I can’t un-see any of this. Oh my god.’ I mean, it was that level of ‘Holy shit.’ So that one is definitely right at the top”.

Outside of his traumatic experience, Taylor remains an avid fan of horror movies. Outside of working with the shock-rock outfit Slipknot, Taylor has acted in a handful of horror films and even had an adaptation of Zombie vs Ninja in production.

Alongside his own ideas, Taylor has acquired the rights to famed horror brand Famous Monsters. When taking time away from music, he discussed possibly getting different merchandise from the brand off the ground, including toys and new films.

While Slipknot has been on the road since the release of their album The End, So Far, there has been no word on any new music outside of a long-lost album Taylor alluded to. His second solo album, CMFT2, is slated for release on September 15th, 2023.

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