Chris Cornell’s Widow Just Revealed A Heartbreaking Truth About Her Husband’s Death

A Heartbreaking Reality Sets In
It’s one thing to be blindsided by tragedy, but it’s another thing entirely to navigate those waters gracefully not just for yourself, but for the people who look to you to be the one constant, stable point in a sea of chaos. In that regard, Vicky Cornell has succeeded in spades; the courage and grace she’s shown in the months since her husband, Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell, took his own life at the age of 52 is nothing short of impressive, remaining her late husband’s fiercest advocate while helping their children navigate the painful new normal that is life without their father and best friend.

Though the past few months have been a nightmare of the worst possible kind, they’ve also been a tremendous learning experience – one that allowed for Vicky to reveal the most heartbreaking truth of all: when you really, truly love someone, there is no closure.

She’s absolutely right; you can find acceptance in your grief, you can make room for it in your heart and soul to keep it from consuming you, but there’s never really any closure. When you hold up the idea of closure after a tragedy against the minutiae of closing out the affairs of someone’s life once they’re gone, it seems a little ridiculous – how do you shut the door on a life and legacy the way you would a bank account?

Our hearts are with Vicky Cornell and her children today and every day as they begin the next chapter of their lives together, and more than anything, we wish them peace.

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