Chris Cornell and The Civil Wars’ Joy Williams Team Up For “Misery Chain”

Joy Williams might not be ready to reconcile with John Paul White, but she’s found a lookalike duet partner in Chris Cornell. The two hit up David Letterman earlier this week to croon and crescendo their way through “Misery Chain,” the pair’s contribution to the 12 Years a Slave soundtrack. It’s a murky, melancholic tune, caught somewhere between the worlds of gospel, Americana, blues and jazz. Cornell sounds pretty fantastic, like some sort of raspy, devil-may-care tenor who dropped out of music school to go smoke pot beneath the bleachers. And Williams? Well, she always sounds fantastic. If this is what happens while Williams and White continue to fight about whatever it is they’re fighting about, then we’re gonna cross “Civil Wars truce” off of our Christmas wish list.

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