Bret Michaels Announces Prolonged Time off From Performing After Recent Medical “Setbacks”

Bret Michaels revealed that he would be taking a break away from music next year. Michaels has been performing regularly for going on three years now with back-to-back tours.

However, according to Blabbermouth, the musician officially needs a break. However, he wants fans to know how much they mean to him. He said, “Performing real live music with family, friends and fans has been both healing and therapeutic to me. It has gotten me through some of the best and toughest times in my life. I truly feel connected and grateful for all the amazing friends that have been a part of this crazy journey with me.”

He continued, “I’ve always stated that music is a universal language that is meant to unite us, excite us and never divide us. It is a soundtrack to our everyday lives and I truly look forward to giving every bit of energy I’ve got in 2024 and leave it all up there on the stage every night. However, in 2025, in light of some recent medical results and setbacks, and with much discussion and real advice from my doctors and family, I will be taking most, if not all, of 2025 off, except for a few select dates with both the BRET MICHAELS BAND and possibly all-original POISON. I truly need to recharge the batteries and get a good, much-needed physical tuneup.”

Brett Michaels Will Return
Bret Michaels thanked his fans for following along with his music over his career. While he is taking a break, he plans to return to the stage in 2026.

Michaels said, “Please always understand that I am forever grateful to the fans and hope you understand that this will bring me back in 2026 and beyond to be able to always give 1000% on that stage with positive energy and an Unbroken Warrior Spirit!”

It’s been a rough few years for Michaels. In 2023, Michaels revealed he had surgery after doctors discovered cancer cells in his stomach. It’s Michaels’ second brush with cancer after developing skin cancer back in 2020. He had the skin cancer removed.

He said, “What happened was… I’m a guy, I admit it, I like being out in the sun, I like having a great time. I usually do the right thing and spray and protect, but sometimes it’s not gonna stop it. And it happened, and we thought we got it, and then when it came back, it took it to another level. It got a little scary for a moment, but all is great.”

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