4 Songs You Didn’t Know Elvis Presley Covered

Elvis Presley is one of the biggest names in rock and roll. At one point, he was the biggest—by far.

One of the things that made Elvis special was that he could apply his crooning voice, snarling lip, and handsome stage presence to just about any song. In fact, he wrote a few of his own tunes but usually performed songs written for him or songs he just loved to sing.

In that way, there are a number of famous cover songs by Elvis—one that comes to mind is “Fools Rush In.” If you know the song, it’s easy to hear Elvis’ big voice singing it right now.

But there are a number of other songs you might be surprised the King sang. Below are seven of those for you to learn about here and enjoy. So, without further ado, let’s jump into those songs.

1. “Always On My Mind” by Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson is one of the greatest songwriters of all time. His songs have been covered countless times and Elvis Presley is one of the artists to do just that. Here, Elvis sings the swelling, remorseful love song penned originally by the Outlaw Cowboy.

2. “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Paul Simon
Elvis had the amazing ability to sound triumphant and sad all at once. His round, strong voice packed such a punch of emotion that he could use it to express a great deal all at once. That made it perfect to perform even the most delicate songs, like this one by the legendary songwriter Paul Simon.

3. “Run On (God’s Gonna Cut You Down)” by Johnny Cash

While Cash may have made this song famous in his American Recordings series, Elvis did a great job on his own making it a hit. The song, though, is itself a traditional American folk song, first recorded by Heavenly Gospel Singers in 1937. It’s an amazing track. Check it out below.

4. “What’d I Say” by Ray Charles
Written by Ray Charles, this song was perfect for dancing. It was played in the Black clubs that Charles traversed early in his career. Even when others play it today, you can hear Charles in every word and accentuated piano chord. Here, Elvis does a great job keeping the energy up and the hips swinging. Check it out here.

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